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What is a Carbon Peel?

Liquid carbon is applied to the face so penetrates down into the pore, binds to the oil, dirt, bacteria, and anything else that shouldn't be there. We then go over the are with a laser that is attracted to the carbon particles, it vaporizes the carbon as well as the dirt and debris it absorbed!


  • CLEANSES THE SKIN: Vaporizes the oil and impurities from deep within your skin.

  • EXFOLIATES: The laser blasts away dead skin cells and and blackheads giving a non invasive exfoliation.

  • ACNE: The heat from the laser kills acne causing bacteria while simultaneously shrinking the pore.

  • WRINKLES & FINE LINES: Collagen production is stimulated to rebuild fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a plump, youthful glow.

Is there any downtime?

This treatment is non-invasive meaning there is absolutely no downtime after the procedure. Although some redness after the treatment is considered normal. We also recommend staying out of the sun and making sure you wear adequate SPF daily.

How many treatments is needed?

After one treatment you will notice an immediate improvement radiance and glow in your skin, but in order to see maximum benefits and results for specific concerns we recommend 6-8 treatments.


CARBON PEEL FACIAL 3 Treatment Package - $500 (SAVE $100)

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