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DMK Enzyme Treatments hydrolyze dead cells, increase oxygen, boost cellular energy & activity and flush out cell waste and debris from the skin.


We can use enzyme treatments to effectively treat your acne, pigmentation, and scarring.⁠

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dmk acne.jpeg

Ageing and the changes that it brings are embraced and celebrated as a fundamental part of life at DMK. Signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin have two fundamental causes.


The first cause is determined by an individual’s genetic makeup, while the second cause is outside influences such as environmental damage, free radicals and poor diet.


DMK seeks to strengthen the skin against the ageing processes by aiding the skin’s declining enzymatic activity and enhancing its optimal function.


No matter what point a person is along the ageing journey, DMK endeavours to help clients' skin to look as youthful as they feel within.

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