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Define beauty the way you want to feel

Looking beautiful and feeling confident in your skin is a must. Luminous MedSpa helps to make you love your skin. Our range of personalized non-invasive skin treatments will give results you can be proud of. Because we help you define the beauty you want to see and feel every day.


Look and feel fabulous at any age...

because looking beautiful is not optional

Every day, your skin has to battle sun exposure, stress, and pollution. Because you care about making your skin look radiant, your skin should not be an afterthought. Whether you are young, not-so-young, healthy-looking skin is important. Take the time to indulge yourself with self-care. Take the time to love your body and we will take care of you.

Feel refreshed and relaxed

Take the time to indulge yourself with self-care. Show love to your skin and it will take care of you. Relax and refresh your mind and body with our custom facials that will help revive your skin whatever the season.


Feel Silky and Smooth

Who still uses razors and hair removal creams? Come and experience the overall feeling of confidence. For smooth baby soft skin. Select your choice of laser, wax or electrolysis.

Refine and restore—

no regrets

Judge yourself by how you feel...

Feeling beautiful is not reserved for when you’re young. Everyone needs to feel good in their skin. We will help be your beauty advocate. Choose from our advanced skin treatments to help restore the integrity of your skin. Whatever your age or skin issues, we will always help you make the right choice.




Because beautiful skin starts with your commitment to looking after yourself.

Includes 15-minute consultation and free patch test

Let your beauty smile back at you...

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